Monday, January 24, 2005

a citizen is

To be a citizen makes a person feel secure to a certain extent. Those of us who have travelled all of our lives feel that we might have papers saying we belong to one area, but will remain homesick the rest of our lives, feeling restless and out of place wherever we go. I feel a slight disconnection as to what people in my classroom feel regarding citizenship. I somehow associate citizenship with patriotism and pride. Haven't these driven people to wars and created bitterness not only among neighbors but among nations seperated by oceans? Does citizenship bind or seperate people? Can people have totally different cultures and still truly have the same citizenship? Is it citizenship that forces those of us who want peace to become enemies with other people we would normally want to embrace or is it culture that makes us want to hate and oppose others when politically our citizenship would have upheald us to respect and treat the same people with utmost dignity? There is no universal definition for citizenship, all countries treat their citizens differently. If political citizenship was eliminated, would that make people care less for those around the world regarding aid? Would it neutralize the most wonderful, flavourfull aspect of the world, diffirent cultures, held together by cultural nationalism? Regarding America, I am grateful for my passport. Some people think that the people with the best sense of citizenship are those from democratic countries that are educated. What is education? People that weren't educated knew a lot more about the physiological effects of many herbs... Democracy? People ususally think of America, but when one really thinks to ones self it isn't a true real democracy. BUT before I forget, in reaction towards the US citizenship I hold, I am proud of the freedom the US provides and deeply appreciate it and am always ashamed at how much I critisize it, because life isn't about perfection and what is perfect in one's eyes - regardless to whether it's right or wrong - is not perfect in anothers.


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