Tuesday, May 10, 2005

english final

it is a rough draft - forgive the mistakes i have yet to fix.

Live As a Person of Integrity
When writing a research paper, students need to consult credible resources. If the resources are not credible, the student can get into a lot of trouble for lying or misinforming his or her audience. People themselves need to be credible resources that others can trust as researchers trust their credible resources. Everyone has an audience and how an individual lives demonstrates if he or she is credible. A person should live a life full of integrity.
In its simplicity, integrity weaves three words together: honesty, respect and kindness. All three of these are required to live as a person of integrity. All three of these traits encompass a multitude of elements. Many of them have correlations with upbringing and culture. The complexity of each scares many away because it takes lifetimes for one to gain a close to accurate understanding and many times people do not reach this state of wisdom. It is a hard road to trek, but despite the difficulties, one must to live a full and true life.
A more comprehensible way to understand such a magnanimous state of being is best illustrated by examples. The reason why environment is important in discussing this issue is due to the role models and examples people have had along their journey of life. It is very difficult to begin to understand what a person of integrity is, without any example of any of the components it consists of.
Atticus Finch, a character in To Kill a Mockingbird, is a good example of a character that tries to live a life of integrity. Throughout the book, Atticus, lives according to the law, is honest, kind and respectful to everyone he encounters. He teaches his children what it is to be kind and respectful when Scout has trouble with classmates and their employer’s son. Atticus has his children watch the trial to show them that dishonesty is wrong and that one should be kind and respect all people regardless of their skin color. It is because of Atticus’s wise teachings that Scout matures and learns that gaining integrity is far more superior than fitting into the town’s standards. She lives this out with her relationship to Boo Radley and her love for those who are not white like she is.
Sometimes people get frustrated with fictitious characters that appear to have obtained an unachievable state during a real person’s lifetime. Regarding integrity, there have been real people who have lived as pillars of integrity. A real person who has accomplished this is Martin Luther King Jr. In his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” he pleads for white people to live honestly, to be respectful and kind to all people including blacks. He points out the injustice done to black people in the United States and says that they cannot stay silent any longer. In his letter, he himself is respectful but calls out on the injustice done to himself, his family and his brothers in this struggle.
Martin Luther King Jr. had an audience that ranged from those who loved him, hated him, ignored him and listened to him. He spoke to those he knew his message would impact and this was the whole world. Everyone no matter how “insignificant” or how “important” has an audience. Many times the fact the each person has an audience is forgotten, but everyone has interactions with different people and anything done or said can impact those whom one has come into contact with in some shape or form. People need to know and be aware of the constant audience surrounding them and realize that their integrity or lack thereof affects these people in some fashion. As writer always takes into account his or her audience, so should a person always strive to be an individual who lives by rules of integrity.
It is interesting how technology has widened the range of audience an average person might have. The latest craze of Blogging has swept the internet away into the diaries and journals of millions that have countless amounts of readers. People do not even know how many readers they are not acquainted with the intricacies of their lives. This can be positive or negative. A person of integrity, no matter what will have a positive influence on those who he or she comes into contact with. If he or she had a larger audience, it could have the potential of helping more people understand what it means to be someone of integrity. Blogging is an excellent way to spread and promote integrity to people around the world. Bloggers write about a variety of things and integrity should be at the center.
Pop-culture does not seem to promote living a life of integrity by any means. The stars are always dishonest, TV characters and many singers are not very kind and respect is just a word people like to label themselves to symbolize the acquired power money can bring. Looking at pop-culture can be discouraging to those who find upholding integrity valuable, but society should not let pop-culture sweep nobility of integrity into a black hole. Bloggers who find this to be an important issue, should raise awareness in the virtual world that draws real people into its sources. Many college courses have found ways to promote values to young children by going to schools in the vicinity and tutoring.
Belmont University has done so, by sending students to Carter-Lawrence Elementary School. The college students had the opportunity to teach young children by example and by incorporating lessons into material they worked with. Children look up to cool college students, maybe even more than they do to pop-culture’s enticing stars. This is a good outlet and has shown to spread the idea that living as a person of integrity is noble and cherished.
“…Community singing is another sure-fire way to lift the spirits. Yarn spinning is also highly recommended…” is a phrase from To Kill A Mockingbird. It means that doing activities with the community and with other people by working together is a great way to get things done and have a positive influence on those whom one comes into contact with. This is the way to influence others and change what is going on. Martin Luther King Jr. worked with others and within his community to make a difference and this is what everybody should do.
It does not matter where a person is in life or in location that should restrain him or her from living the way he or she should. One of the fingers pointed for the cause of school shootings was directed at the alienation in the suburbs. This is no excuse for the students who shot classmates to have done what they did and to have lived without respecting and being kind to their classmates. It should not matter if a person is young or old, in a city or in a desert. Integrity should be upheld not matter what. Some circumstances might make it harder to live by, but life can be like that and part of integrity is doing what a person should no matter what the circumstance.
No matter what goes on in one’s life or how difficult life becomes, one should never give up on live the life of a person of integrity. In To Kill A Mockingbird, Tom Robinson is man of integrity. He lives honestly, is kind and respectful no matter what his circumstances are. He lives a difficult life as a black man and gets into even more hardships when he is accused of raping a woman. He was honest, kind and respectful no matter what his circumstance and remained so till the end, but his spirit gave up when he was accused due to the racism of the town. People of integrity should live their life full of kindness, honesty and respect, but should never give up even at the end of the rope.
One is able to understand what integrity is and how a person can try to live with it in a variety of situations and difficulties by the many examples of fictitious characters like Tom and Atticus as well as historical figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. Everybody has an audience he or she needs to live with integrity for no matter what the situation and pop-cultures rearing to the opposite direction. As a writer looks to credible resources, may others look to us as people of integrity.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

May 1st!

My sister came today and we moved into our new house. I'm really excited because now I have a home in the States, so now I truly live here. My friend from high school came and helped move some stuff. The only thing we couldn't get was my great grandmother's couch because it was so heavy and it was only him and us two girls. I felt kindof bad, because even though I've been lifting all year, I'm not that strong. My sister who's smaller than me can lift a whole lot (she also throws the javelin and wins every time). I'm just happy there's somewhere to be. My mom comes in for my sister's graduation the 15th, so I get to be with them for a couple days before I go study in Italy for a month. If anyone has nothing to do this summer, feel free to chill in Turkey, you definetly have a place to stay.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Answer to #2

I'm not sure if I blogged about this before, but the divisions in churches is something that I have felt strongly about for a long time. I think divisions in churches begins with people's world views. One of the most impressive breakdown of worldview's I have ever read or studied were Sire's 7 questions that really help understand what - in the core, most simple breakdown - people differentiate on different issues. A person walking in a church many times chooses by the style of music whether they want to stay (not all, but most people I have encountered here do). I hate that, but I have to take into account that a person's worldview is what affects how people sing and worship - if people are not united on the core issues there's a problem. These problems and differences affect eveything in a person's life even down to the music. Though this is true, most people don't think of what htey truly believe themselves, so all they can rely on to find a church to go to are superficial things like a style of preaching or the volume or beat of the music. Church's are everywhere, this is because of differences, but because there are so many it promotes for there to be more division. If someone doesn't like something, there's always another church down the street (this might only be the case in Nashville - forgive me). Aren't we skepltical of those huge church's? DOn't we wonder if it's a huge scam before we think of how wonderful it is that so many people come together. Where I grew up there was only one church for protestants. No matter how much I hated some things said, I went and united with others that were very different. Church's here are more like giant cliques. I have been so negative about this division, that lately I have been trying to be more positive. There are positive things, but I hate seeing people that are all the same in one place (I feel way too many times that Belmont is like this - they are all the same - it's not true, but it seems like it many times) and I really hurt inside when I feel that people don't love others as much or aren't willing to learn more and integrate more than a nod walking by. It hurts to see that.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Morals in To Kill A Mockingbird

The question of good and evil is a theme weaved throughout the book, to Kill A Mockingbird. Not judging someone by what others say, but rather for who they are and their morals is important and this is what Scout learns with her neighbors. Atticus being a lawyer is significant because he knows the law through and through. He is the one who is teaching the children what is right and wrong even if it is contrary to popular belief. Atticus has a responsability not only as a father but as someone who represents the law to teach and have his children be moral examples to others. Scout is a student in the process of learning morality by everyone around her whether it is to show her what she shouldn't do or what to do. She's not only a student, she teaches others by breakiong down some of their social norms that really aren't that moral or ethically correct. The only justification for her to do this is her innnocence and not really knowing if it is a social norm.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Celebrate the Sun

I hope everyone has a wonderfull week. It can get pretty stressful at school, but don't forget to be with friends and spend quality time with other people. Doing this keeps a person healthy. Go outside and celebrate the sun!

Monday, April 11, 2005


I am writing my paper on honesty. Specifically cheating in class. Have any of you ever cheated in class? How did you feel? My sister was once caught cheating. I don't know how my parents dealt with it. Obviously they were very private about it because I don't know how it ended. I never got caught. I cheated on a bible final. That was the last time I cheated. After that I stopped. The whole idea makes me sick. I think I might focus on how parents react to their kids when caught cheating or if they react when they know their kid is cheating but hasn't got caught. Any thoughts on cheating? If so please respond.

the best of the best

I talked to many people about the "best of the best" that was held on Belmont's campus this past Saturday, April 9. I was personally not impressed at all with the winners of the writers showcase. I felt like they catered too much to the audience. It was as if the audience didn't have to interact with the music and the lyrics were such that no one had to really think. I was just dissapointed because the lyrics were shallow and the music was redundant. They all were tallented, had beautifull voices, but I felt that they didn't push themselves hard to look to challenge themselves or the audience. Hopefully the winners next year won't be full of cliches and there will be more interaction with thought.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

cheating and morals in school

Ethics in school

problem- kids cheat too much and part of it is because ethics and
morals aren't taught enough if at all in middle and high
schools in the US

solution- a possible solution is to really teach children why it's wrong to
cheat, teach the importance and value of morals in a corrupt

opposition- people say the problem ins't morals, even if morals are taught
kids will cheat because it's easy.